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Sri Lanka. Protecting peace and human rights in the crisis

12. May. 2020
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Jannike Riesch

In an attempt to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, scores of countries around the world have taken measures that restrict movement. According to ACAPS , these restrictions include lockdowns of varying degrees in over 120 countries. One of these countries is Sri Lanka. Despite the recorded number of infections being relatively low at the time (less than 50 in a country of over 21 million), the Sri Lankan government imposed a strict island-wide curfew on 20 March, ordering everyone except those working in essential services to stay home.

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Investing in health systems to ensure resilient and peaceful societies- Priority for cooperation in the ‘new normal’

08. May. 2020
Elena Sondermann

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Corona, Peace and Conflict

The Covid-19 virus turns our lives upside down. The effects on peace and conflict dynamics become increasingly clear. As a knowledge hub, FriEnt's blog series “Corona, Peace and Conflict” has set itself the task of sharing experiences from a wide range of actors, bundling assessments and showing new perspectives on developments in sub-areas of peacebuilding.


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