Conflict Transformation Through Theatre

Nepalese Forum Theatre Artists Working For Peace

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit | 2013

The objective of this brochure is to share insights on the potential of theatre as a tool for conflict transformation. After working in the field of conflict transformation through theatre for more than four years, the Civil Peace Service Program (ZFD) of GIZ is now engaged in strengthening the profile of theatre for conflict transformation as well as supporting the networks that have been established so far. This brochure connects ideas for peace building at a community level with the approach of “Forum Theatre” and the efforts of Nepalese groups in the field. Further it documents our experience of the “Kachahari Camp”, a major networking event that was organized for about 100 Forum Theatre activists in March 2013, in Eastern Nepal. It includes portraits of the nine different Forum Theatre groups that took part and also presents the main learning that came out of this creative encounter.

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