From Armed Conflict to Civilian Responsibility

A Contribution to the Peace Process in Nepal

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit | 2013

This document describes the project contribution to the peace process in Nepal and seeks to share its approaches, knowledge, and experiences with interested persons. The 15 chapters document the entire course of the project: Starting from the initial confidence-building emergency relief measures in the cantonments and the adjoining communities, followed by preparatory measures for the (re-)integration of ex-combatants into civilian life and to the improvement of the communities’ social and economic livelihoods in communities where large numbers of ex-combatants have settled with their families. Quotes from beneficiaries, implementing partners, and representatives of the former conflict parties in which they share their views and appreciations contribute to proving the success of the project outcomes. This document does not claim to be complete. It rather intends to provide a comprehensive overview and to reflect on the project contributions to the peace process from different angles. Furthermore, it aims to provide both orientation and stimulation for similar support measures in other countries.

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