Networking for Peace

Building Peace

Bread for the World, Civil Peace Service | 2016

Networking for peace is a demanding topic that the civil peace service partners work on in their daily activities. The links between regions, between African countries and between the South and the North play a role that is just as important as the different topics covered. In the situation our partners are experiencing this year, 2016, it is more important than ever, faced with the embittered conflicts in DRC, the terrorist threat and the marginalising of population groups in Cameroon, the stakes of the aftermath of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, to come together for more efficient, sustainable peace work. That is why we asked our colleagues and partners to share their experiences and the challenges they meet. Already there are multiple and varied definitions of the concepts of network and networking. We decided to share with you some different approaches and definitions. This publication is intended as a tool for learning and exchanges on our practices and existing approaches.

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