Transforming Transitional Justice

FriEnt | 2019

PeaceLab blog on dealing with the past

As major milestones towards the implementation of the Guidelines on Preventing Crises, Resolving Conflicts, Building Peace, adopted in 2017, the German Government is developing inter-ministerial strategies on security sector reform (SSR), dealing with the past and reconciliation (transitional justice) and on rule of law promotion. Since summer 2018, the PeaceLab blog run by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) has contributed to the expert debate around this process.

FriEnt and GPPi shared the task of moderating the PeaceLab blog on dealing with the past, which ran from September to December 2018. As the diverse range of contributions shows, transitional justice is gaining momentum. The blog is well worth reading, not only for the specific recommendations on the strategy. We have therefore collated the English and German articles and categorised them by content in order to make the blog easier to navigate. However, as most of the articles address a range of issues, the categories should be seen simply as a guide to their general content.

We would like to thank our colleagues at GPPi – Philipp Rotmann, Bilal Bağ, Theresa Lütkefend and Melissa Li – for their excellent cooperation on the project.

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