Business and peace – taking stock: building peace with a bulldozer?

Caroline Kruckow and Sylvia Servaes
FriEnt | 2019

FriEnt-Briefing 14

In the mid-1990s, as a result of the civil war and genocide in Rwanda, peacebuilding began to be integrated into development work. The background to this was the painful experience that development did not automatically generate peace. Today, more than twenty years later, in our efforts to integrate peace and development, we seem to be back where we started. "Jobs, jobs, jobs" is the tenor of the World Development Report 2011, and this filters through into discussions of how increasingly violent situations can be addressed in practical ways in 2018 as well. In the report, economic development and the generation of employment are promoted as core components for stabilisation, conflict transformation and peacebuilding. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States also identify a key role for business and the private sector in transforming conflict. FriEnt explored this nexus at a series of events between July 2017 and June 2018 and draws some initial conclusions in this paper.

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