Impulse article

Climate Change, Conflict and Crisis in Lake Chad

Impuls 10/2017 by Janani Vivekananda and Lukas Rüttinger, adelphi

The Lake Chad Basin is currently suffering the world’s largest…

Strengthening states’ legitimacy and supporting local actors of change are the best ways to build and maintain peace in Africa

Impuls 05/2017 by Gilles Olakunlé Yabi, founder of the West Africa Citizen Think Tank, WATHI

Trump Targets Turtle Bay: How António Guterres Can Save UN Peacebuilding

Impulse 03/2017 by Sebastian von Einsiedel and Cale Salih (United Nations University, Centre for Policy Research)

Africa and the ICC: An opportunity for reform

Impulse 01-02/2017 by Hugo van der Merwe and Annah Moyo, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), South Africa

A New Agenda for Peace

Impulse 09/2016 by Jonathan Cohen, Conciliation Resources

The New Deal has failed. What must be done?

Impulse 07-08/2016 by Ann L. Phillips, USIP

Libya urgently needs new mechanisms for dialogue!

Impulse 06/2016 by Virginie Collombier, EUI/NOREF