Impulse article

Strengthening states’ legitimacy and supporting local actors of change are the best ways to build and maintain peace in Africa

Impuls 05/2017 by Gilles Olakunlé Yabi, founder of the West Africa Citizen Think Tank, WATHI

Trump Targets Turtle Bay: How António Guterres Can Save UN Peacebuilding

Impulse 03/2017 by Sebastian von Einsiedel and Cale Salih (United Nations University, Centre for Policy Research)

Africa and the ICC: An opportunity for reform

Impulse 01-02/2017 by Hugo van der Merwe and Annah Moyo, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), South Africa

A New Agenda for Peace

Impulse 09/2016 by Jonathan Cohen, Conciliation Resources

The New Deal has failed. What must be done?

Impulse 07-08/2016 by Ann L. Phillips, USIP

Libya urgently needs new mechanisms for dialogue!

Impulse 06/2016 by Virginie Collombier, EUI/NOREF