Supporting civil society under pressure – lessons from natural resource exploitation

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. in Kooperation mit dem European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights | 2017

Managing migration – the OSCE’s response

FES Perspective

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung | 2016

Land Rights Matter! Anchors to reduce Land Grabbing, Dispossession and Displacement

A Comparative Study of Land Rights Systems in Southeast Asia and the Potential of National and International Legal Frameworks and Guidelines

Brot für die Welt | 2016

Networking for Peace

Building Peace

Bread for the World, Civil Peace Service | 2016

The Weakest Should not Bear the Risk

Holding the Development Finance Institutions responsible when private sector projects fail. The case of Addax Bioethanol in Sierra Leone.

Bread for the World | 2016
Pathway to social inclusion in Nepal

Pathway to social inclusion in Nepal

Solution with risks and side-effects?

Report | September 2016

FriEnt | 2016