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Peace and Development: Biennial Report 2013-2014

We are delighted to present our 2013-2014 report and offer you insights into our work. The review is somewhat ambivalent, for these years were marked by two developments which we have explored intensively. On the one hand, the world appears to be sinking further into war and violence. The news is full of alarming reports – from Ukraine, the Middle East, Mali and South Sudan, to name only a few. At the same time, work continued on a new post-2015 agenda for sustainable development. Against the backdrop of the ongoing violent conflicts, there was a growing recognition that the new development framework must build a bridge between peace, development and sustainability.

In light of these challenges, what does the future hold for peacebuilding? How can peacebuilding continue to make constructive contributions in a complex and interconnected world? Together with our members and their international partner organisations we address these questions in our biennial report.

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