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Change of minds, change of behaviour. A view on transitional justice in former Yugoslavia

23. Sep. 2020
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Louis Bickford

Anita Mitic, who was born as Yugoslavia broke out in civil war, describes in an interview what can be learned from former Yugoslavia in terms of transitional justice. What the transitional justice processes would have shown is the necessity to address behavioral norms and the powerful role of political elites.

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Looking beyond legalism. The urgent need for people-centered justice processes in Cambodia

16. Sep. 2020
Louis Bickford

Emma Leslie, Executive Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia, reflects in an interview on transitional justice processes in Cambodia. Instead of legalistic processes, she urges for people-centered approaches grounded in the Cambodian culture and system.

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What future for transitional justice? Radical critical reflections on the field

09. Sep. 2020
Louis Bickford

This blog series examines the field of transitional justice through a critical lens, asking challenging questions and exploring ways in which it might be relevant, or not, in our current global context. Through a small number of carefully-selected interviews, the series intends to provoke debate within the field and help lead to innovation and adaptation.

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What Would Satisfy Us? - Taking Stock of Critical Approaches to Transitional Justice

24. Oct. 2019
Dustin N. Sharp

Critique of transitional justice has become commonplace – but what should it be measured against? Dustin N. Sharp from San Diego (author of Rethinking Transitional Justice for the Twenty-First Century) would not claim to be a radical critic. In a recent article in the International Journal of Transitional Justice, he gives a clear description of the continuum of possible critiques of transitional justice – without questioning the concept per se. He concludes that, while there is no lack of critical scholarship, there needs to be more engagement with the ‘how to implement’.

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Transitional [Justice] cycle

21. Oct. 2019
Nenad Vukosavljević

It is misleading to rely upon a concept that is rooted in legal practices to build peace or achieve reconciliation since peacebuilding and social reconciliation are much wider and much more complex issues than any legal frame could embrace.

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