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Dialogue with the devil

24. Jan. 2020
Nenad Vukosavljević

We need more enemy inclusive projects and programs. We should avoid any collectivization of guilt.

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How to transform zipper-shaped conflict narratives: a methodological approach in a nutshell

06. Jan. 2020
Andrea Zemskov-Züge

In order to transform conflict-supporting narratives, one needs to understand their construction principles. Then it becomes possible to facilitate processes with key narrators to encourage them to incorporate new elements in their proven narratives.

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Systematising conflict narratives and making them transparent – a precondition for …?

17. Dec. 2019
Interview with Dirk Splinter

inmedio analyses conflict narratives under laboratory conditions – be they the Western and Russian or the Russian and Ukrainian discourses about the recent past. But how does this work, and what happens to the results? We talk to Dirk Splinter.

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Red lights and diapraxis

15. Nov. 2019
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Dana Jirouš

“I saw that it was possible to create conditions in which we can show our feelings without killing each other.” Talking to each other and engaging in joint action in the midst of a violent conflict – this project has been bringing together women from Ukraine, Russia and other European countries since 2015."

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Painful truths need skilled communicators

23. Sep. 2019
Ulrike Schmid

Talking about oppression, anger, experiences of humiliation, even violence and torture so that others recognise these realities without resisting or justifying themselves: skilled communicators can do this. The German Government should assist key stakeholders at the local level to develop these capacities – with external process facilitation as protective support.

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