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9th European History Forum: Hidden Remembrance?

17. Jun. 2020
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Women in World War II in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe - Role models, experience of violence, taboos.

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New Publication: Towards Inclusive Gender in Transitional Justice

19. Dec. 2019
Phillipp Schulz

While gender perspectives have become a burgeoning focus of analysis in transitional justice, the dominant conceptualization of ‘gender’ in the context of processes of dealing with the past is often an exclusive one, predominantly equated with ‘women and girls’. In a recent article in the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, I argue that as a result of these foci, careful consideration for the roles of masculinities and for the experiences of sexual and gender minorities in post-conflict and transitional spaces remains strikingly absent. The article foregrounds numerous blind-spots and gaps in the growing literature on gender and transitional justice, and proposes conceptual and empirical opportunities for addressing them.

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Dealing with war-related sexualised violence: lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina

27. Aug. 2019
Jeannette Böhme

The sexualised violence that occurs during civil wars is rarely addressed in peace agreements. As a result, survivors are stigmatised by society and left to deal with their trauma on their own. The German Government should give more support to women’s rights organisations.

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Women, gender and transitional justice

14. Aug. 2019
Susanne Buckley-Zistel

The German Government should pursue a transitional justice policy that focuses on women, and which not only increases the number of women in relevant institutions but also addresses women-specific abuses. It should recognise and support its potential to make a small contribution to more gender-equitable societies.

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