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German Funding for Peace Mediation

17. Jan. 2020
Editorial staff - FriEnt

The German Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) has been scaling up its efforts in the field of peace mediation. Projects dealing with national dialogues, reconciliation during and after conflicts, dealing with the past and transitional justice are eligible for funding. Applicants may apply for funding at any time.

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New AU policy pushes frontiers of transitional justice

14. Jan. 2020
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Solomon Ayele Dersso

Balancing of looking back and looking forward encourages creating conditions that facilitate acknowledgement of responsibility and the suffering of victims while facilitating reconciliation and restoration. The AU policy is a homage to the wealth of resources that African legal instruments avail for designing and implementing tailor made TJ processes.

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La Comisión de la Verdad – The Voice of Those Who Cannot Speak

17. Dec. 2019
Linda Helfrich (GiZ) interviewed Carlos Martín Beristain

Carlos Martín Beristain is a Spanish doctor and psychologist from the Basque country, who has coordinated the Guatemala Nunca Más Report for the REMHI (Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica) project in Guatemala. In Colombia, he is one of eleven commissioners working for the Comisión de la Verdad (Truth Commission). The state commission was set up under the final peace agreement signed between the Colombian government and the FARC to end the conflict and build a stable and lasting peace. One of the commission's tasks is to clarify the patterns and causes of the internal armed conflict.

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Development of a concept of transitional justice for Ukraine

13. Dec. 2019
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The international civil society platform CivilM+ recently offers recommendations for an effective policy for the reintegration of the population affected by the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Transitional Justice is part of it.

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The Justice 3rd Continental Transitional Forum for all African Union (AU) Member States

06. Dec. 2019
Interview with Annah Moyo

The Forum was hosted by the AU in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) 24-26 September, 2019, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Although, the African Union Transitional Justice Policy is closely linked to other international norms and standards on transitional justice, it however takes into account the nuances of various forms of human rights violations which are peculiar to the African context and proffers context- specific solutions to them by striking a balance between reparations and development, various understandings of democracy and controversial issues such as the granting of amnesty.

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