Rules / Netiquette

  1. The opinions expressed in all blog posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of FriEnt. Posts must mainly focus on one of the identified blog topics.
  2. Topic-related posts may take the form of articles (hypotheses, personal observations, impressions from practical work), news (on relevant projects, events, publications, research findings) or comments.
  3. Articles should explore a specific hypothesis (up to 5,000 characters, including spaces). A second section with further information (links, references) may also be included (up to 1,500 characters).
  4. News can relate to the topics or to Transitional Justice more generally. News posts should not exceed 2,000 characters including spaces.
  5. Comments on existing posts should not exceed 1,000 characters.
  6. New topics may be suggested by submitting an article on the relevant issue.
  7. Information about projects may be submitted if the projects relate to an issue covered by the blog.
    It is posted in the News section if it draws attention to project-related events.
    It is posted as an article if it provides a brief explanation of how the project is addressing a particular issue.
  8. Photos must have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 500.
  9. Blog posts should be submitted
  10. After review by FriEnt (topicality/relevance, clarity, scope), they will then be uploaded by FriEnt. There is no automatic entitlement to publication. Posts which do not relate to any of the identified topics will not be published.