Sylvia Servaes

Sylvia Servaes is Misereor’s FriEnt Team member. Within FriEnt she has been working on Transitional Justice; for Misereor she accompanies and advises peacebuilding and human rights projects, mainly in Central and West African countries. Her topics also include questions of impact and results measurement. She has trained as Social Scientist/ Social Anthropologist with a focus on legal anthropology and African human rights traditions, and on German colonial history, urbanization and conflict resolution in Rwanda.

Ralf Possekel

Ralf Possekel studied history at Moscow State University and holds a PhD in methodology of history. In the 1990s he published on East German History and Soviet policy of Denazification. Since 2000 he has worked at the then established German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”. Until 2002 he participated in the implementation of the German compensation program for former slave and forced laborers, 2003-2017 was head of grant making programs on dealing with the past and human rights education.  Since May 2018 he has been sent as a consultant for FriEnt (Working group on peace and development) for the project “Exploring international Partnerships in Dealing with the Past”.

Natascha Zupan

Natascha Zupan studied Middle Eastern Studies and History. After short term assignments with peace building organisations in Palestine and Macedonia, she worked for KOFF/swisspeace, focusing on peace building and development, the Middle East and former Yugoslav Countries. In 2003, she joined the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Adviser in Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, supporting the design and implementation of Switzerland's regional peace building program with a focus on dealing with the past, political dialogue and media. Since 2004, Natascha is Coordinator of the Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt), an association of nine German governmental and civil society organisations.