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The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security on the Role of Youth in Transitional Justice

24. Oct. 2019
UN Study

Although there are plenty of arguments for giving youth a key role in Transitional Justice processes, this has seldom happened in practice. As a starting point for further reflection, we bring you an excerpt from the groundbreaking study, published by the UN in 2018, with the key arguments, the examples mentioned and the recommendations concerning Transitional Justice.

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What Would Satisfy Us? - Taking Stock of Critical Approaches to Transitional Justice

24. Oct. 2019
Dustin N. Sharp

Critique of transitional justice has become commonplace – but what should it be measured against? Dustin N. Sharp from San Diego (author of Rethinking Transitional Justice for the Twenty-First Century) would not claim to be a radical critic. In a recent article in the International Journal of Transitional Justice, he gives a clear description of the continuum of possible critiques of transitional justice – without questioning the concept per se. He concludes that, while there is no lack of critical scholarship, there needs to be more engagement with the ‘how to implement’.

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Transitional [Justice] cycle

21. Oct. 2019
Nenad Vukosavljević

It is misleading to rely upon a concept that is rooted in legal practices to build peace or achieve reconciliation since peacebuilding and social reconciliation are much wider and much more complex issues than any legal frame could embrace.

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New German Strategy to Support Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation

30. Sep. 2019
Natascha Zupan

The German Government has launched its first Interministerial Strategy to Support Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation, which aims to strengthen and advance its engagement in this field.

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Painful truths need skilled communicators

23. Sep. 2019
Ulrike Schmid

Talking about oppression, anger, experiences of humiliation, even violence and torture so that others recognise these realities without resisting or justifying themselves: skilled communicators can do this. The German Government should assist key stakeholders at the local level to develop these capacities – with external process facilitation as protective support.

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