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What future for transitional justice? Radical critical reflections on the field

12. Aug. 2020
Louis Bickford

This blog series examines the field of transitional justice through a critical lens, asking challenging questions and exploring ways in which it might be relevant, or not, in our current global context. Through a small number of carefully-selected interviews, the series intends to provoke debate within the field and help lead to innovation and adaptation.

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The stigmatisation of minorities as a topic in school

07. Jul. 2020
Ingolf Seidel

In Germany, it took a long time for the persecution of gays in the Third Reich to be recognised as National Socialist injustice. There was no memorial in Berlin until 2008 . In the meantime, society has become much more willing to condemn all forms of discrimination, and yet trans- and homophobic insults are still heard every day in schoolyards across Germany. Simply pointing out the injustices inflicted on these groups does not adequately address the problem.

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9th European History Forum: Hidden Remembrance?

17. Jun. 2020

Women in World War II in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe - Role models, experience of violence, taboos.

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When wounds are passed on - Insights from the Lebanese context

18. May. 2020
Miriam Modalal and Dalilah Reuben-Shemia

This article explores the importance of collective trauma for conflict transformation by sharing practical examples from peace work in the post-civil war context in Lebanon

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What can help us in helping others - Responding to the impacts of our work through self- and staff-care practices

11. May. 2020
Jennifer Marchand and Karin Griese

Many development and peacebuilding organisations see the need to take the self-care and mental health of their staff seriously. However, many struggle to institutionalise effective mechanisms of self-care. The feminist development and women’s rights organisation medica mondiale shares some best practices and lessons learned from its work around the world.

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