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How do you tell your child that she was born after rape?

02. May. 2020
Godelieve Mukasarasi and Simone Lindorfer

Dealing with the past for mothers of children born after rape is essentially about telling the truth. How can this be done in ways that do not reinforce the socially imposed silence but instead contribute to healing? The text reflects an experience from Rwanda.

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Too much too soon: Why people need stability to deal with the past

27. Apr. 2020
Johanna Lechner, Alena Mehlau and Katharina Montens

GIZ trauma experts working in countries neighbouring Syria reflect on how to respond to collective trauma among Syrian refugees. Taking into account the specific cultural context, GIZ staff question the well-known but rather individualistic concept of self-care and stress the need for collective care

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Dealing with social trauma of a war through education for peace

20. Apr. 2020
Selma Porobić and Alma Jeftić

This blog post sheds some light on how peace education could transform social trauma in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina with lessons for other post-war societies.

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Is it all down to trauma?

01. Apr. 2020
Cordula Reimann & Ursula König

Reflecting on the concept of collective trauma for understanding protracted violent conflicts. Taking up some of the resistance against the term of collective trauma, Cordula Reimann & Ursula König discuss why collective and transgenerational trauma are relevant and should be a key concept for development and peacebuilding/conflict transformation practitioners and practices.

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The Impact of Amnesties on Violence and Peace

27. Feb. 2020
Geoff Dancy

Do legal amnesties for combatants help end civil wars? International policy experts often take it for granted that amnesties promote negotiated settlements with rebels. However, a large number of amnesties are followed by continued fighting or a return to the battlefield. What, then, are the factors that make amnesties effective or ineffective?

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