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Public History – a short introduction

Ljubinka Petrovic-Ziemer

Public history can be described as a wide range of activities that relate to the past, create and shape historical knowledge in the public sphere for and with a non-academic audience. The post offers basic information on the linkage between Public history and civic engagement, collaborative practice and ‘shared authority’ as key elements of public history, and finally formats and sites exemplary for public history.

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Dialogue with the devil

24. Jan. 2020
Nenad Vukosavljević

We need more enemy inclusive projects and programs. We should avoid any collectivization of guilt.

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The Multidimensional Remembrance Monitor (5)

23. Jan. 2020
Michael Papendick and Dr. Jonas Rees

The culture of remembrance in Germany, widely appreciated internationally, is grounded in numerous state-funded institutions and an extremely vital civil society engagement. But what do we know about its impact on the attitudes of ordinary Germans?

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German Funding for Peace Mediation

17. Jan. 2020
Editorial staff - FriEnt

The German Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) has been scaling up its efforts in the field of peace mediation. Projects dealing with national dialogues, reconciliation during and after conflicts, dealing with the past and transitional justice are eligible for funding. Applicants may apply for funding at any time.

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New AU policy pushes frontiers of transitional justice

14. Jan. 2020
Solomon Ayele Dersso

Balancing of looking back and looking forward encourages creating conditions that facilitate acknowledgement of responsibility and the suffering of victims while facilitating reconciliation and restoration. The AU policy is a homage to the wealth of resources that African legal instruments avail for designing and implementing tailor made TJ processes.

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