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German Funding for Peace Mediation

17. Jan. 2020
Editorial staff - FriEnt

The German Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) has been scaling up its efforts in the field of peace mediation. Projects dealing with national dialogues, reconciliation during and after conflicts, dealing with the past and transitional justice are eligible for funding. Applicants may apply for funding at any time.

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The Burden of the Past - Youth Role in Building Sustainable Peace

06. Dec. 2019
Ronald T. Magomo

The Southern African Youth Forum works in various ways to strengthen the role of youth in Transitional Justice processes and to build barriers against the renewed use of violence in political struggles.

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The Power of Emotions. Germany 19 | 19

04. Nov. 2019
Ralf Possekel

A German exhibition aims to awaken young people’s interest in history through the power of emotions. The exhibition, which consists of a series of panels, has its own website and videos and is available in seven languages. Who has experience with this approach?

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Youth Participation - Which Forms are There and How Far Do They Reach?

04. Nov. 2019
Alina Goldbach and Till Sträter

The foundation EVZ has been running the international youth exchange program EUROPEANS FOR PEACE for the facilitation of international youth participation since 2005. This year it has had the program evaluated with regard to youth participation. Alina Goldbach and Till Sträter from Camino gGmbH conducted this evaluation and present the concept used – “the ladder of participation” – here.

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Anne Frank. Not an exhibition

24. Oct. 2019
Dr. Meron Mendel

The Anne Frank Educational Centre (Frankfurt/Main) opened a learning lab in 2019. How does it work? We talked to Centre Director Dr Meron Mendel

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