Trump Targets Turtle Bay: How António Guterres Can Save UN Peacebuilding

Impulse 03/2017 by Sebastian von Einsiedel and Cale Salih (United Nations University, Centre for Policy Research)

In the following impulse-article Sebastian...

Podiumsdiskussion zum UN-Friedenstag 2016

Von der nicht immer widerspruchsfreien Notwendigkeit von Friedensverhandlungen

A New Agenda for Peace

by Jonathan Cohen, Executive Director of Conciliation Resources

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on „Women, peace and security“ – How to make this agenda workable?

Impulse 12/2015 by Iulia Kharashvili, Consent

In the following impulse-article Iulia Kharashvili gives an overview of recommendations made in the Global Study...