New Horizons: Linking Development Cooperation and Transitional Justice for Sustainable Peace

Sylvia Servaes, Natascha Zupan
FriEnt | 2009

Conference Report: Issues and Challenges

“Even perfect judicial processes will not prevent violence from flaring up again if basic social, economic and political injustices are not addressed”. This was one of the main insights from a workshop entitled “Looking Back and Moving Forward. The Nexus Between Justice and Development” that had been organised by FriEnt at the international conference on “Peace and Justice” in Nuremberg in 2007. The Declaration that came out of the conference called on development actors to “be sensitive in dealing with the past when designing post-conflict development strategies and take into account the relevant recommendations of accountability mechanisms”. At the same time, it required transitional justice strategies to give early consideration to the socio-economic dimension of justice. The international conference “New Horizons. Linking Development Cooperation and Transitional Justice for Sustainable Peace” aimed to examine in more detail in which way development cooperation and transitional justice can take into consideration the full range of injustices that are at the root of war and violence. The present document is not intended to be a precise record of the conference proceedings. Rather, it is an issue paper that focusses on some main points for follow-up.

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