Keynote Speech: Linking Transitional Justice and Development

Juan E. Méndez
Berlin, January 28 | 2009

FriEnt Panel Discussion on Justice and Development after War

I am very grateful to FriEnt, the Working Group on Development and Peace, and its network of constituent and partner organizations for the invitation to speak to this important conference and very honored to be amongst you. I especially wish to commend the German government and its Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development for their support for this initiative. It is far too easy to say that Justice and Development should naturally work together because they both aim to achieve improvement in peoples’ lives, and particularly in the lives of individuals and collectivities that have long been amongst the most vulnerable and least powerful. But we all know that, in practice, the efforts to pursue objectives of development and justice can present us with difficult choices and the need to establish priorities and resolve crucial dilemmas.

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