FriEnt’s Tour d’horizon of the inclusion of Economic and Social dimensions into Transitional Justice

Sylvia Servaes
FriEnt | 2012

Conference Paper | Essex Transitional Justice Network | September 8-9, 2012

Coming from development and peacebuilding work we at the Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt) have long been arguing for an inclusion of social and economic issues into transitional justice. By retracing our voyage of doing this I would like to present you some of the issues for discussion as to what there might be in it in terms of further research questions. The basis is a series of conferences and workshops that we organized over the past years – that brought together colleagues from our member organizations and from our respective partner organizations as well as from specialized organizations with practical experience in different countries and regions. We thus assembled and encouraged exchange on experiences and lessons learned, but also on challenges and new ways

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