25 February 2021

A New Policy on EU Peace Mediation

In our Impulse article, Véronique Dudouet, Berghof Foundation, discusses the promising outlook for greater cooperation and inclusive support of the revamped EU mediation policy for European civil society organisations involved in peacebuilding and peace mediation. Mediation has taken on an increa...

01 March 2021

Memory in international youth encounters

The memory of the genocide of Sinti and Roma has very different starting points in German and Czech society. German-Czech youth encounters enable young people to gather new experiences outside the national framework of remembrance and to deal openly with the topic due to the distance in time and ...

01 March 2021

Experience history together

Under the motto "Remembering together for a common future", the bilateral youth exchange between Germany and the Czech Republic has focused in recent years on dealing with their shared history.

25 February 2021

Es geht hier nicht um Religion

Europaabgeordnete fordern, dass die EU angesichts der politischen Krise und humanitären Katastrophe in Cabo Delgado energischer eingreift. Das Narrativ des Religionskonfliktes verhindert Lösungen.

11 December 2020

Coming to peace with COVID-19?

The FriEnt study "Coming to Peace with COVID-19?" looks at the concrete challenges and risks for peace and development actors posed by the pandemic.

18 June 2018

Interview mit Marcelline Kokiai auf dem FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2018

Marcelline Kokiai, Mitglied des Parlaments in Papua Neuguinea über Peacebuilding in ihrem Land

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